We make games, obviously.

Use your cursor to write in our whiteboard!


We at Whiteboard Games...

are a digital entertainment team based in Argentina. We are creators, designers, developers and gamers making the games we would want to play. Our objective is to build unique, authentic and fun experiences for players around the world, all starting in an empty whiteboard.

Send us an email at contact@whiteboard.games!

Luciano Musella

(Game Director, Programmer, Writer, President)

Guillermo Darío Carbonell Veracruz

(Art Director, VFX Artist, Vicepresident)

Matías Balderrama

(Animator, Level Designer, Producer)

Franco Hernandez

(Concept Artist, Game Designer)

Ignacio Soraires

(Level Designer)

Diego Soraires

(Business Director)

Juan Cecchetto

(Technical Artist)

Darío Coló

(Concept Artist, 2D Artist)

Luca Faiella

(Environment Artist)

Gonzalo Fernández

(Concept Artist, 2D Artist, 3D Character Modeler)

Ayelén Micale

(Environment Artist)

Christian Perucchi

(Audio Director, Sound Designer)

Luis Monrocle

(Sound Designer, Composer)

Luka Nicolau

(Audio Engineer, Composer)

Nicolás Feroglio


J. Agustín Trobajo

(Graphic & Multimedia Designer, Marketing)

Our games so far

I See Red

A frantic twin stick shooter roguelite where you play as an outlaw, traversing the infinitely dark space in search of revenge.

You are so angry and focused on fulfilling your purpose that your world is colorless except for what you most care about: your wrath and the blood of your enemies turn your objectives RED.