Whiteboard Games
Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Founding date:
March 1, 2020


Press / Business contact:


I See Red

Mariscal Antonio José de Sucre 632, CABA

+54 9 11 4157-2120


Whiteboard Games is a digital entertainment team based in Argentina. Their slogan is "we are creators, designers, developers and gamers making the games we would want to play. Our objective is to build unique, authentic and fun experiences for players around the world, all starting in an empty whiteboard".


In 2019, some members of Whiteboard Games worked together on a time-travel puzzler called Tempus Vitae, a game that they presented at that year's Bit Bang Fest in Argentina. Once that was finished, they started working together on a new title. I See Red came to life at the beginning of 2020 as a university project for Da Vinci school's Design and Videogame Programming course.

Eventually, the game grew as a thesis project and, once the developers graduated, they decided to continue it further to a commercial enterprise. Whiteboard grew from then to today, with now 16 members and the release date for its first game on October 24th, 2022.

While in the search for a publisher for I See Red, Whiteboard made the contact with the Neutrón Project Accelerator. A member of the team had already worked in a project that had Neutrón as an investor, and through that conection the accelerator got to know the company and decided to support it.

In June 2022, Whiteboard Games announced a partnership with Gameforge to be I See Red's publisher. Gameforge is the leading publisher of very popular MMOs, including AION, OGame, NosTale, Ikariam, and Swords of Legends Online. In 2022, Gameforge partnered also with Trigon: Space Story, their first indie title, with I See Red joining to expand their catalog of single-player games while also being their first game from a Latin American studio.



I See Red - Official Release Trailer YouTube, .mp4

I See Red - Bosses Reveal Teaser Trailer YouTube, .mp4

I See Red - Official Teaser Trailer 3 YouTube, .mp4


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Awards & Recognition

  • "I See Red - BEST VISUAL ART AND DESIGN" - Game Connection, 07 September, 2022
  • "I See Red - EYE-POPPINGLY BEAUTIFUL" - Rogue Jam, 25 April, 2022
  • "I See Red - MOST IRREVERENT GAME" - VIT Awards (Costa Rica), 18 November, 2021
  • "I See Red - BEST GAME OF MPVP" - EVA Play (Argentina), 04 September, 2021

Selected Articles

  • "I See Red is super distinct; great black and white style with this red juxtaposed violence. It just works. The detail in this brutal, isometric world is incredible as well. But it has all the gameplay substance to back up the style. And that means: tight, intuitive controls; fluid, fast-paced battles; and this great rewarding sense of progression."
    - Matt Casamassina, Co-founder of IGN Entertainment; founder and CEO of Rogue, Rogue Jam: Episode 2
  • "It's fast and flashy with a pounding gameplay tempo to match."
    - IGN, I See Red Preview
  • "'I See Red' stands out for its ambitious scale/scope, and has had great progress during its production along the MPVP ('My First Published Videogame' in Spanish) mentorship program, organized by ADVA."
    - Jury of EVA AWARDS 2021, TG Tecno
  • "Each new run is an unexplored path with new powers to accumulate and bosses to defeat."
    - David Palacio, Extragamers

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Gameforge, I See Red's publisher
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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Luciano Musella
President, Game Director, Programmer, Writer

Guillermo Darío Carbonell Veracruz
Vicepresident, Art Director, VFX Artist

Matías Balderrama
Animator, Level Designer, Producer

Franco Hernandez
Concept Artist, Game Designer

Ignacio Soraires
Level Designer

Diego Soraires
Business Director

Camila Ulibarri
Project Manager

Fabricio Fleitas
Art Director

Valentina Barraza
3D Artist

Rodrigo Biancciotti
Concept Artist, 2D Artist

Juan Cecchetto
Technical Artist

Darío Coló
Concept Artist, 2D Artist

Luca Faiella
Environment Artist

Florencia Fernández
3D Artist

Gonzalo Fernández
Concept Artist, 2D Artist, 3D Character Modeler

Andrea Giangrasso
3D Artist

Ayelén Micale
Environment Artist

Christian Perucchi
Audio Director, Sound Designer

Luis Monrocle
Composer, Sound Designer

Luka Nicolau
Composer, Audio Engineer

Marcos Biagi

Nicolás Feroglio

Rolando Goyaud

Gonzalo Escamilla

J. Agustín Trobajo
Graphic & Multimedia Designer, Marketing

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